1. Joel Myslik
  2. General
  3. Sunday, 24 January 2021
I've installed one of your templates onto a test version of my site. This is a basic information site with minimal add-on modules installed. I've disabled most non-essential modules from running.

I've installed the linelab template and enabled the menus.
When I set a menu page as "home" or "default" the page becomes blank.
ie: http://thistledown.info/site should point to: http://thistledown.info/site/home

When I change the default page to another menu page the non default link becomes active again and the new one does not show.

I've tested the same process with other menu modules and it only appears in the linelab template that I've downloaded.

I've enabled debug mode for the website in case you need to see that.
The template that I'm using is: Thistledown2021new
  1. http://thistledown.info/site
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