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  3. Tuesday, 10 December 2019
Dear Support!

Help me pls!

After editing some modules, the html code is lost.
It is automatically deleted, even if I write it down back.
(Joomla 3.9.13)

Modules: Social icons Top left "abox1" full html code lost if i editing content, and "Custom HTML/Snippet
(Megjegyzés: linelabox:1573672190790)" buttons html code as well...
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  1. https://alapozoterapia-mende.hu/
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Linelabox Support

The issue is caused by the Tiny MCE editor which removes parts of html upon saving the module or article - in this case font awesome, but it does the same with scripts.

There are two ways to prevent this:
a] temporarily turn off the editor - either in System -> Global configuration -> Site tab switch editor to Editor - None.
b] install JCE editor that does not strip the html tags and scripts.
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