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I have on this support forum already another thread posted aroud this issue.
I have also send three e-mails around this issue to linelabox@linelabox.com.

I don't receive any response on this, I don't know why. I'm pointed to the tutorials but I don't think this will help.

I have bought the professional package with the mod_menulinelab_all.zip menu

1. Again: I will try to make a (short) list what I have done:
a. I have a site with the Ultimelab2 template with the mod_linelab menu. This working perfect on position-1!
b. I have replaced this menu with the new"VM Mega Menu (= mod_menulinelab_all). Put this one on position-1 and add 'nav' Module ID Tag by advanced. Is working perfecly!

c. Install the Revolab template for this site. I have create on the position 'cbox1' the Default mega menu, position left.
d. I have installed this template at the existing site with Ultimelab template. and make the Revolab template default.
e. I have disabled the default mega menu from template creator!
f. I have changed the module position from position-1 to cbox1, because position-1 does not exist at Revolab template.
You can see the resutl at other thread.
g. with or without 'nav' Module ID Tag doesn't make any difference.

1. Because of the VM menu is working with the Ultimelab2 template, is my first conclusion: the menu is correct!
2 Next conclusion: there is a bug in the Template creator to let the VM Mega menu correct working wth Revolab template!
3. Conclusion about the *.js i.e. *.css files, at the Revolab template there is something missing around this. If I compare the Revolab template with the Ultimelab template, there is lot of difference between this about the *.js and *css includes! (I have tried to add some, but this doesn't work. Also the demo of the VM Mega Menu extension there is a difference.
4. There is not any explanation\tutorial\manual as in the past, how to install the menu for a certain template. Also not on the site. In the past there was a simple txt file with kind of explanation like "add 'nav' to the Module ID Tag"
5. I have configured at the template "disable sticky menu: NO", but if I look at the source code and compare this again with the Ultimelab2 template or the extension demo, than the tag like <div id="sticky_navigation_wrapper...> is missing
6. I put the menu on position cbox1, I haven't seen anything that this is not possible. And with the template creator, I can't create position-1

I should like to deploy this site this weekend but this is still not possible because of this issue. Are you gonna help me now or do I ask STUPID things, than let me know!
Please let me know something so that I can finish my job and can go further!!!
I hope not that you gonna ask me something like to change this or that and test it again. At this moment, I have the feeling that I have spent to much time on it. Look for the screenshots at other thread

BTW, I'm not interested in the extra large menu! Because it is vertical, complete different what I like

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Nico van de Kamp Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
It does also not work with the default VMBeez template on position-1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The same happened, it is already expanded.
Just for test, I have add stylesheets/js add to the Revolab template to try to find if somenthing is missing. But nothing does make a change.

This convinced me that there is something missing by default or I'm not aware that I do have to configure something!!!!

I hope that you can send me tomorrow an answer.

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Nico van de Kamp Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I have found the issue/bug and I understand why it is working with the Ultimelab template and not with the Revolab template.
The template builder is not working correctly, which means the style.css or at least a part is missing in relation with the menu!!!!.
I have compared the html code of the extension demo of the "vm mega menu" and the Revolab template which I have downloaded.

One of the differences is the style.css is missing. :( :( :( :( :(

I have add the style.css from the demo extension "vm mega menu" and now the menu is not expanded anymore.

Next: Although the menu on the ultimelab is at design correct, this is fails at this Revolab template. So I have to make this correct see also my screenshot.

And there is also another bug: I have set "disable sticky menu" to "NO", but this is not working. It doesn't make any difference if I put on ja (yes) or nee (no) (dutch) !

But why do I not get any response? You selling a professional package, a menu and you don't give any response and you don't deliver support or do I see this wrong?

The work I'm doing, I think you should do it.


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David Zirhut Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hi Nico,
we are sorry about later answer. That's why now (before christmas) there are so many requests to solve.

We will find the problem (and solution) soon and let you know. Be patient please.

David - Linelab support
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Nico van de Kamp Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Yes, but I'm already working so hard and so long on this issue!!! I would have deployed last weekend the website, I hope that I can finished it this weekend!

I have already lost so many time, to find the issue.


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David Zirhut Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hi Nico,
I am not the person who is really responsible for this issue, but the colleague is on the vacation since the previous weekend.
When I look at the problem description and when I look at the source codes of the module, your conclusion is probably right - the module menu is compatible with older templates like Ultimelab but not the templates which are created by the template generator.
As far I know it was not even tested both together any time.

What can I advice is to copy content of file style.css (which you are pointing to) to the module css file:

I know, it;s not the best solution, but it should work. I am sure we will prepare some system solution better then this one after Christmas.

David - Linelab support
Nico van de Kamp Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hi David,

Heheh, thanks for you're reaction I have been waiting so long for response. But I started already with this issue at 18 november!!!! At another thread!!!!!!

This is what frustrated me, dissapoints me! Not that it is not working, this can happen. But I try to solve everything bymself without the feeling that linelab is helping me!!!!!

Ok, let's go further.

Yesterday I need to deploy this site from joomla 2.5 --> 3.5 because of the bank is not supporting something longer!!!

I detected another porblem: the menu is not working on the mobile phone devices!!!!!!

You can look here

Altough it is one day for christmass, I hope that someone can help me tomorrow.

Nico van de Kamp Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
For now is it an idea you send me the DEMO extension VM mega menu template? Or make a Akeeba joomla backup of DEMO extension with the VM Mega menu.Than I can install this on my localhost, pick out the right things to get it working all, because it is working at the demo of the extension.

I hope that this will help me a lot and I did already a lot work to find out everything. I hope that I can fix it before christmass!

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