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  3. Sunday, 21 January 2018
We are happy to announce a release of new Linelabox version – a brand new Real-time Joomla! Template Builder that brings you everything that you ever hoped for and needed for designing beautiful Joomla! templates.

This truly revolutionary tool has no analogues and offers endless possibilities for creating Joomla! templates.
Linelabox is free to use only there is a limit on number of template downloads for free.
You can choose from over 850 fonts, more than 1,000,000 of free images, responsive framework, mobile editor, custom module styles, snippets and skins that you can save into library for further use, and many more great features. Learn more about Linelabox features https://www.linelab.org/features. Soon there will be even more features and preset Joomla! templates.

Our goal is to let you easily create your own Joomla! templates without any coding experience and knowledge.
You can do it all using our cool Real-time Joomla! Template Builder. Forget all other Page Builders. With Linelabox you don’t have to install any other component into Joomla!, you don‘t need to solve problems with page builder updates and compatibility.
With Linelabox you’ll easily create lovely Joomla! template in real-time completely online, just like with LEGO building kit and you can simply install it with a single click including all modules. We support various third party extensions such as K2, Phoca Cart, Acymailing and soon even Virtuemart. It can’t be any easier – so lets start building now!

What happens to your membership plans?

Users who purchased Professional or Basic Package between 20 January 2017 and 20 January 2018 get access automatically and will be able to use Professional Package until the end of subcription term.

Users with expired membership can choose a new pricing plan at https://www.linelab.org/pricing

They will no longer be able to order any services at old version of Linelabox (https://old.linelab.org).
They will be able to download all purchased extensions until the end of your subscription at old version of our website (https://old.linelab.org).

Old version of Linelabox will be terminated during 2018.
If you want to ask about anything, feel free to use our support forum here.
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