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  3. Wednesday, 30 September 2020

I having the following problem. I am using the following plugin plg_content_includeite in virtuemart to create a buy now button in articles.

But I cannot display the customfields, so when a customer adds the product to the cart all the customfields are displayed in the cart. I prefer to have the first option selected.

I think the reason is I am missing the following field.

I cannot find this field in.

this is the information that is in "display"
"<div class="controls">
<label for="customProductData_36_7573" id="customProductData_36_7573-lbl" class="radio">

<input type="radio" name="customProductData[36][8]" id="customProductData_36_7573" value="73" />No extra cost
<label for="customProductData_36_7574" id="customProductData_36_7574-lbl" class="radio">

<input type="radio" name="customProductData[36][8]" id="customProductData_36_7574" value="74" />Flush-mount box ProLine C01112 Price (incl. VAT) +41,75 €
<label for="customProductData_36_7575" id="customProductData_36_7575-lbl" class="radio">

<input type="radio" name="customProductData[36][8]" id="customProductData_36_7575" value="75" />Surface-mount box ProLine C03001 Price (incl. VAT) +165,59 €

See below the settings of the customfield.

see url for the plugin in joomla article.

see url for product in virtuemart

thank you in advance.
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Please can someone from Linelab look at this question? thank you in advance.
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