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  3. Sunday, 06 September 2020
How can I use ProductXport to export different categories with different servers. Let say I will like export with one server only category wines and all subcategories like red wines , white wines, ecet..

Thank you
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David Zirhut Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
it would be difficult to work with all subcategories of the tree if you set the parent. If it would be acceptable for you to enter all categories you need work with, it would be possible.

For the first time I can give you advice that product categories are set in two variables for each product:


contains the main product category id


contains all product category ids (a string separated by tabulator - character \t)

There is a textarea field at (Professional version of component): productXport → Server Manager → requested_export → tab: Extended setting
named: PHP code - before product processing

Just write here any PHP code with above described variables which makes the requested funcionality.
Tip 1: if you set within this code the variable:
$product→skip = true;
the product will not be exported (this is what you probably need).
Tip 2: the variable: $this->categories contains array of categories (objects)

If you are not familiar with PHP, I can do the setting in your website online (professional version only and with appropriate credentials to Joomla! administrator)

Linelab support
Darko Fatur Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Dear sir thank you for your replay
Is it acceptable for me to enter all categories I need work with. I have basic knowledge of PHP so I managed to show or skip product depending on category

if ($product->category_id = 8) {
$product->skip = false;
} else {$product->skip = true;}

But this doesn't solve my problem because only show all product or not to show all. I need to show product from specific category, all red wines and only red wines, how to achieve that? Red wines is category_id = 8

Thank you.
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