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  3. Monday, 03 June 2019
Simple File Upload Plugin for VM3 configured like this.
No uploads are in the specified folder. Sometime in tyhe TMP under a number not a virtuemart number so a big search.
what is wrong.
Th path = /home/jojoknit/domains/http://dasle.nl/vmfiles/bestanden
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David Zirhut Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Could you check the tmp folder (in the configuration.php is set under $tmp_path), there should be the subfolder fileinput and some files in it.
Those file are the uploaded files but with different (temporary) names.
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john Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
The configuration is set with the tmp folder.
The problem is that the names of the files are wrong, theij dont have any extension and the are deleted within 24 hours.
So the files should placed in a different folder only for uploads, Perheps in the safe path?
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