1. Peter Giannotte
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  3. Wednesday, 07 November 2018
As I am new to this software, could you explain a few things.

Is the template designer software purchased, downloaded and installed on our servers, or does design solely occur on your severs?

If design only occurs on your servers, not all modules and elements can be incorporated and tested until the template is installed on our servers. How does one account for this? It would seem like a lot of uploading and downloading to test changes?


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Linelabox Support
Hi Peter, you can create your Joomla! template in real-time on our server. With the Linelabox you don’t have to install any component into Joomla, you don‘t need to solve problems with page builder updates and compatibility. You can install only Joomla! template and modules (Slideshow, Logo module) with easy 1 click installation.

Tutorials: https://www.linelab.org/tutorials

Professional version of Linelabox have unlimited download. More info https://www.linelab.org/pricing
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