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  3. Thursday, 02 January 2020
Hello, I am a new user of productXport.
I already succeeded in configuring it to do the first feeds.
I have a few questions:
1) - when exactly is a new XML file generated? I do not see any action to generate a new one.
2) - Is it possible to generate g:identifier_exists (no/yes) depending on the values of GTIN and MTP? I want to generate a no when the values are empty and a yes when one of the values isn't.
3) How can I use: Support category tree of Google merchant?
4) How can I use: Possibility to add whatever XML code to each product
5) How can I use: Possibility to use cron for export really unlimited number of products. And do I need that foor Google Merchant?

kind regards
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Hello Johan,

ad 1) the feed is generated on the fly any time you (or google server) request the URL with feed. The url of the each feed is in the everey server detail in the administration.

ad 2) yes it is possible
Go to setting of Google.com export - tab "Extended setting"
PHP code - before product processing:
if (!($product->product_gtin || $product->product_mpn)) $product->identifier_exists='FALSE';

Then go to tab "Field setting"
Add new field "User extended field X"
Name it: g:identifier_exists
Source: variable
Value: identifier_exists

ad 3) first go to E-shop setting → VirtueMart → tab "Categories"
select "Yes" on the requested line with the google server
modify language code en-GB if requested
click at "Update category tree now for language"
Save it
Go to setting of "Google" export → tab "Field setting"
Check the field Category is set as Category tree of: "Google"

In the every detail of VirtueMart category set the proper Google category.

4) Go to setting of "Google export" → tab "Extended setting"
There is the field named: PHP code - end of product export
You can write here any PHP code. You you need static XML code for every product just type here something like:
echo '<your_tag>specific value</your_tag>';

5) Most of the shop don't need this. How much of products do you have in the e-shop?
Usually up to 6000 number of product don't need cron, but it really depends on the hosting/your server.
In case there would be the problem I'll help you individually.

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