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  3. Thursday, 02 August 2018
Hallo, im am interested to buy the backend template for virtuemart.
But one question in the support ares is password-protected.


What is the reason?
I am working with the latest virtuemart-version - so i want to be sure, that it works.

Thanks for your info.

... do you ave an imprint? Where are you located - because of support hours?
Thanks and with best regards
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Hallo, please let me know:
Is the VM-Backend-template usable?
Or is there a BUG?

Or is the other post about this the info about an issue - the tamplate does not work and i need to wait to a fixed version?
Why the secret?

Or are you in Vacancy?
Thanks for a response ...
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Linelabox Support
Hi, We tested our plugin on the latest version of VirtueMart 3.2.14 Blue Corvus 9808 and everything works without any errors.
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Hallo, thanks for your reply. I bought, loaded and setup.Yes, it works.
Info for setup: The Plugin named "VirtueMart Admin Template plugin". In Installation-Info you show the plugin-name "VMADMINLAB" - that needs to change.

My question now: If i am e.g. in Area "Products" the pull-down menu closes always.
Basicly i is alwas open.
How to setup, that your template works like the basic-vm-template ...?
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