First time in Linelabox?

Let's go with us and see how Linelabox works. Create your Joomla! template in real-time. Online Joomla! Template Builder is where you create template for your Joomla! website in few simple steps. As a registered user of Linelabox, you will be able to access the full feature of Joomla! Template Builder. Note that guest users can use all features but cannot save or download any Joomla! template. Demo version of Joomla! Template Builder is for demonstration purposes only.

Our video tutorials will help you get started with Linelabox.

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    Select Template

    When you are logged in, go to your account, then click the "Shared Templates or "My Templates" tab. Get started by choosing a layout template to customize, or build a page from scratch by selecting the blank layout template. You will be redirected to the Linelabox Editor page, where you will see your current template.

    Select template
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    Rows and Columns

    Click on the right menu then from "Rows" choose rows and columns (module positions) for your Joomla template. You can also set different order of the columns for tablet or mobile devices.

    Select template

    For faster mobile-friendly development, use Responsive utilities for showing and hiding content by device via media query.

    Responsive utilities
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    Template Modules

    Here, you can choose Joomla modules and drag them to your template. You can add new content by dragging and dropping Joomla! core modules, Phoca Cart modules, Virtuemart modules, K2 modules, Acymailing modules and many more. You can also duplicate or delete all the modules.

    Joomla module parameters

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    Global CSS Styles

    Here, you can customize Global CSS Styles of your template: Add colors, fonts, borders, background, sizes and many more. 850+ Fonts and 1,000,000+ Free images.

    Global CSS

    Click on below "Edit code" button to start CSS Editor. This feature provides unlimited editing options and full control over the various aspects of your template.

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    Edit Page

    Here, you can change the overall appearance of your Joomla! template. Open any of Joomla pages eg: Single Article, Joomla! Blog, Phoca Cart pages, Virtuemart pages, K2 pages and many more in the left top menu of Linelabox editor. Move your mouse over rows, modules or components to edit and interact with them. You can use blue toolbar to add prebuilt module style, skin or snippets , save custom module style or custom snippet to your library or edit module parameters .

    Joomla Module Parameters

    Add prebuilt module style and module skin

    Joomla module variations

    Add prebuilt code snippets (Custom HTML module)

    Joomla Shortcodes

    Click on below "Edit code" button to start HTML / CSS Editor. This feature provides unlimited editing options and full control over the various aspects of all elements in the template.

    HTML CSS Editor
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    Download and Install Template

    • Once you have adjusted your template to your specifications, you can then save the template to your library.
    • You will then see your template appear in your account page, ready to use again in the future.
    • You can change all of your templates at any time.
    • If you don't like the new template, you can choose another one, or revert to your original template at any time.
    • Go to your account and use the Download button to download the template package.

    Download template

    • Go to the Joomla! administrator area of your Joomla website.
    • Select the Extensions menu and Extensions Manager menu.
    • Select the "Browse" button and choose the package zip file you have downloaded from our website to your computer.
    • Joomla! attempts to install Linelabox template, and if it is successful, you will see a confirmation message.
    • Joomla! Template + Modules with easy 1 click installation!

    HTML CSS Editor

    Our video tutorials will help you get started with Linelabox.

You are done!

Now you can tell everyone that you have a great Joomla! template created with Linelabox Template Builder. Showcase your templates to other users.

For more details click here to see Template Builder features page.