1. Albert Verbrugge
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  3. Wednesday, 27 February 2019

i want to use include item in virtuemart but where is de manual. I cannot find this.

where can see which shortcode a product has

regards Albert
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Hi Albert,



Shortcodes plugin allows you to insert Virtuemart products into Joomla content. (Joomla article, Joomla category, K2...)
Shortcodes plugin also allows you to insert Joomla content article into the VirtueMart product description, category and VM2 store description. Joomla Plugins feature must be enabled. The option to enable Joomla plugins is found on the Global Virtuemart Configuration > Shop tab.

How to add a VirtueMart product to Joomla article:

Code for single product:


This will add the product with an id number of 29

Multiple products:


All products of category:


The plugin work for all 3.x templates
Plugin parameters:

Choose from six layout styles
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