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I have bought the profesional package with the mega-dropdown menu. I like the menu -VM category- as on the demo page of the mega-menu.

The menu for the webshop I have chosen 'Category Layout'. I have tried with manufactor and without manufactor (please select)
It is a mulit-language site. But were can find the associations remark "To define associations, please make sure the item language is not set to 'All'."
I have no link because it is on my localhost. It is Joomla 3.9 with virtuemart 3.4.2. (both the latest version).

What is the exact difference between mod_linelabmenu and the VM Mega menu? In the past and for other websites I have used the mod_linelabmenu.

Is there a change that I can have look how it is configured at demo site of mega-dropdown menu with guest/guest for example?

With regards,

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Nico van de Kamp Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

I had download that template, installed it. Also the mega-down menu and install. But the menu which I now understand on position-7 is not the mega-dropdown menu but the joomla default menu.

I have now the mega dropdown menu. Put it on cbox1. But it is not "white" and not horizontal. The past mega-dropdown menu I had to add the nav as class suffix. I have tried it but this make not any changes.

Frantisek Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Linelabox Support
Hi, If you click on the left top folder icon, you can load any of preset module skins.


More info: https://www.linelab.org/tutorials
Nico van de Kamp Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
But what I not understand, I have bought the mega dropdown menu. Is this necessary because if I choose "Select Default Horizontal Menu", it seems to look the same aa mega-dropdown menu, am I right?

I'm expecting that I have to download/install the Revolab theme. Install the mega dropdown menu and then configure the mega dropdown menu, like horizontal. The passt mod_linelab menu I had to add the class suffix I believe like 'nav', and than it works fine. But the menu is now integrated with the template, or...?

Nico van de Kamp Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
I have tried with the "Default Horinzontal menu" skin and with the "Default Mega Menu" skin. I have made the module extensions "mod_menulinelab" and "VM Mega Menu" in active/disabled. These module which I bought are not necessary I think.

I have the VM category
1. honden en kattenluiken (=main category)
- 1 Door unit (sub. category 1)
- 2 Wall unit (sub. category 2)

I have a menu item "Webshop", menu item type "VM category layout". If I click on that menu-item, than the page with all the category's is shown.

But than I'm try to get the bahavior of the demo, like the menu item "VM category", or "virtuemart". I have put the module "top menu" at the position "cbox1".

At my template builder, if I move with my mouse over the menu I see under the menu item "shop" Category 1 Category 2 etc.

My question is: were does it go wrong?
- Is the menu item type "VM category layout" not right? (I have not selected VM Front page because is deprecated)
- Do I expecting something which is not correct? (In the passt I have used the "mod_menulinelab"!
- Is the skin or skin configuration not right? (Although, I can select different skins, but that's it I think)
- Is my configuration of VM main -- subcategory's not correct?

I hope that you can give me an answer or help me out this issue.

With regards,

Frantisek Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Linelabox Support
Hi Nico, "Default Horizontal menu skin" is the default Joomla menu module. Please use mod_menulinelab_all.zip. or VirtueMart Extralarge Menu https://www.linelab.org/extensions/joomla-extensions/virtuemart-extralarge-menu-detail . If you want, we can send for free Extralarge Menu module for testing purpose. Please contact us directly at linelabox@linelabox.com.
Nico van de Kamp Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

I don't know what you exactly mean with the "Extralarge Menu Module, but if could help, than I like to receive it. But for me it is enough if it works like dogtra or dogwatch

I'm quite thinking straight forward. I have used the templates with mod_menulinelab in the past (J2.5 and J3.x)

I have bought the mod_menulinelab_all.zip a few weeks ago and installed.
See my screenshots:
1. What I see at the template builder
2. Is the result on my development environment with the mod_menulinebab active on position cboxq. The behavior is total different of what I see at the template builder.

I have installed mod_menulinelab_all.zip but use the default configuration. The past mod_modlinelabmenu you had to fill in the prefix of the class 'nav'. But I haven't done it now, I don't know if something is needed.

So what I not understand: what is left? What I'm doing wrong? Were do I make my mistake or what did I not read of the tutorials?

Again, maybe it has nothing todo with it, but I'm developing a multi language site, I have chosen the general main-menu, not the specific language like nl-nl or de-de.


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Nico van de Kamp Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hello Frantisek,

How can we make progress? I don't know what I'm doing wrong? This evening I was thinking I must not add a menu skin because the css of the default menu skin is added. But this doesn't bring anything.

I don't know what is going wrong.

I hope that you can help me out.

Nico van de Kamp Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Oh I discovered now, that I can choose 12 predefined module styles. But must I choose a menu skin in combination predefined module style to get the mod_menulinelab working?

How do I get this simply working? This driven me mad and insane. I do not understand what I need to do to get this simply working!
Nico van de Kamp Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Because of it's migration of Joomla 2.5/VM2 to a Joomla 3.9.1/VM3.4 I have installed virtuemart demo full installation. I have installed here the template and the mod_linelab as well. But the same problem! (see screenshot).
One strange thing I can't delete the mod_linelab module with joomla --> manage menu item. I thought that I could always uninstall components/plugins/modules.

What I also have done is updating the website dogwatch on my localhost. I have used the mod_linelab menu as well (2015). Here with this template/mod_linelab menu is correct working.

For me it seems a problem between the template and the mod_linelab menu.

But how can we solve this this weekend or before this weekend.

With regards,

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