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  3. Tuesday, 06 November 2018
as mentioned by another customer, the VM Scroller is simply not working:
1. The slideshow doesn't start
2. There are absolutely no navigation arrows or whatever
3. The title is not showing up
4. The products are displayed vertically instead of horizontally

I spent a fair amount of time to try to correct these issues, but this was time wasted. The module was installed on moebeldiscount.ch and now uninstalled. PLEASE REFUND. My order number: BBSB01329

Thanks for returning the money. Very disappointing.
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Frantisek Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Linelabox Support
Hi Martin, Refund has been sent. Can you please provide more information? What version of Virtuemart are you using?
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martin scheidegger Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
Hi Frantisek,

I'm using VirtueMart 3.4.2 on kauer.ch resp. moebeldiscount.ch.
The module was implemented on the starting page, on the default.php script in com_virtuemart/virtuemart. I tried it on other positions, but neither the navigation showed up nor was the alignment horizontal (which could probably be corrected via CSS). Actually I'm working on a free slider script which seems to work so far - but is still under tuning...
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martin scheidegger Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
This thread was opened in november 2018. Please don't reply on it anymore. It's quite obsolete...
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