1. Heinz de Jongh
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  3. Friday, 19 February 2021
On 16 february I bought the Virtuemart admin temlate, see invoicenumber: XRWW034877
It is not to be found in this account. I made at the time i bought it an account however I am not possible to acces it via your site.
I bought: Virtuemart admin temlate (XRWW034877) and virtuemart migrator (DV9D034876).
I have some issues now.
Is it possible to send me the invoices?
Is it possible to put both purchased items in this account?

Next i have an issue with the admin template. it is not working. It shows the template however the sitebar is not working at all.
Can you help me out with the issues?

Thank you in advance.
Heinz de Jongh
  1. https://www.staging.kussentijd.nl/
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Linelabox Support
Hi, Where exactly did you buy the Virtuemart admin temlate and virtuemart migrator? Can you please provide website url?
We do not offer any migrator for Virtuemart.
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